Like most modern appliances, there are many different pieces to your seemingly simple dryer.

It may seem like an unnecessary hassle to try to remember all of them and their separate roles in the machine.

However, knowing the specific types of devices within your dryer, how they function, and most importantly, how to repair them, can save you a lot of grief when your laundry runs into trouble.

Take the drum roller axle, for example.

It may appear to be just another minor component in the dryer, but it has major ramifications on the workings of the drum and of the dryer machine as a whole.

Damage to the drum roller axle can have major consequences in the machine’s functioning. Therefore, it is a good idea to learn about the drum roller axle and how to address any repair issues you might have.

What a Drum Roller Axle?

Drum Roller Axle

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The drum roller axle is also known as the roller shaft or support roller shaft.

Whatever you choose to call it, it is a key piece in your dryer.

What the drum roller axle does is to serve as an axle for the drum roller. With the drum roller axle in place and providing the necessary shaft, the drum itself is able to spin and thereby rotate the laundry in the usual cycle.

The drum is a fundamental part of the dryer since it is what contains and moves about the clothes for the whole drying process. Therefore, the drum roller axle plays an important role in the process by enabling the drum’s movement.

As a result, damage to the drum roller axle can bring your laundry to a grinding halt, as it will prevent the drum from spinning like it should.

Causes for Problems with Drum Roller Axles

Drum Roller Axle

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To prevent the need to make the repairs, to begin with, you should be aware of some of the common ways in which drum roller axles may become damaged over time.

One general cause naturally is simply worn over time, as the material slowly breaks under pressure, although sometimes things can exacerbate the wear. For instance, an overloaded motor could potentially disrupt the process and intensify the damage.

Another frequent issue is their connection to the drum.

If the drum’s supports are inadequate, the drum may press down on the rollers and compress them. The drum roller axle will then quickly wear out as pieces are shredded from it. To prevent this from happening, you should ensure that the drum supports can hold the drum up properly so that it does not squeeze the delicate roller shaft.

How to Handle Axle Repairs

Drum Roller Axle

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If your dryer starts to make a lot of strange noises or if the drum fails to tumble properly, you may want to check the drum roller axle for damage.

The first order of business naturally is reaching the drum roller axle’s position and ascertaining its state of condition. You’ll need to disconnect the dryer and move it into a more accessible position before you begin work.

The exact location of the drum roller axle may vary somewhat depending on the model.

This one, for example, requires you to open the vents and access the back of the dryer as well as remove the front panels. Once the drum itself is removed, you can see the roller shaft and consider whether you should remove and replace it or attempt to repair it or its connected components such as the drum supports.

How to Replace Axles

Drum Roller Axle

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If you feel that you cannot, in full confidence, repair the drum roller axle to its fully operable state, you should move forward with replacing it.

First, having followed the previous steps for accessing the component, unscrew and remove whatever supports are in place to hold the drum roller axle.

Then you may remove the roller shaft from its place within the dryer accordingly.

Depending on the circumstances, you may also need to replace the roller itself. So please keep that in mind.

With the new replacements, attach the roller onto the roller shaft then turn the roller shaft until it screws into place on the dryer. Check that the roller is turning smoothly before securing the support systems and putting the rest of the dryer back in place.

After that, it’s back to the laundry.

Everything You Need for Dryer Repairs

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There’s a lot to know about drum roller axles for addressing repair and replacement issues, and that’s just one of the many parts of your dryer that could need fixing.

To ensure that you don’t have to worry about your dryer, it’s a good tactic to work to understand the individual components and how they all work together to help your dryer run smoothly.

You can learn all this and more with We’ve assembled all the how-to’s, repair hacks, and tips we can to help you fix your dryer and keep it fixed.