Do you procrastinate when it comes to cleaning out your dryer vent? While it may seem like a small detail, cleaning and maintaining your dryer vent is one of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your appliance. There are several methods and approaches to clean your dryer vent, but some of them fall short and do not get the job done properly. If you want to learn how to clean dryer vents the right way in a few simple steps, you have come to the right place.

What Is A Dryer Vent?


How It Works

What Happens If You Don't Clean The Vent?

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Your Dryer Will Not Run Efficiently

Your Electric Bill Could Skyrocket

Potential Hazards

How To Clean Dryer Vents The Right Way

Clean It Regularly

How to Know When It's Time to Clean It

Your Cleaning Guide


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Learning how to clean dryer vents is a fairly straightforward process. It does not require an exorbitant amount of time or effort, but the endeavor will do wonders to extend the life of your dryer, keep your electric bills down, and eliminate potential hazards like a fire starting or carbon monoxide being released into the air.

To be safe, aim to clean out your dryer vent a few times a year. If you notice your dryer beginning to run slower than usual or you feel excess heat in your laundry room emanating from the machine, it is probably time for a cleaning session.

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