This page was created to show you how to test and replace the parts on your dryer.  It doesn’t cover every dryer part (yet), but it will give you the knowledge to test and replace parts that aren’t even listed below.

If you can figure out how to disassemble your dryer, you can access these parts.

To help you find the right part number for your dryer there are search boxes on this page, just insert your model number, click search, and find your part.  Our sponser offers a 365 day return policy on all parts.

How to Test Thermal Fuse

Thermal fuses come in many different shapes and sizes, but they can all be tested in the same manner.  See the video below to learn how to test the thermal fuse for your dryer.  To find the correct thermal fuse for your dryer, insert your model number in the search box below.

How to Replace Thermal Fuse

The following two videos will show you how to replace the thermal fuse on a Whirlpool brand/style dryer.

Heating Element Test

How to Replace Heating Element

High Limit Thermostat/Cut-off Test

High Limit Thermostat Replacement


LG Dryer

How to Replace Thermal Cut-off Kit

Dryer Igniter Test

How to Replace Igniter

How to replace the igniter in a Whirlpool brand dryer.

How to replace the igniter in a Frigidaire dryer.

Cycling Thermostat Test

How to Replace Cycling Thermostat

 Flame Sensor Test

How to Replace Flame Sensor

Switch Test

Gas Valve Coil/Solenoid Test

Valve coils can be tested by measuring the resistance between the posts on the coil, however it isn’t always accurate.  I’ve found the best way to test the valve coils is by watching them.  Most Whirlpool dryers have a small window or lower panel that can be removed so you can observe the dryer during the heating cycle.  If the coils don’t stay on for long periods of time, either there is lint build up in the venting or the valve coils are bad.  When I sell a used dryer, I always replace the valve coils because they are one of the first parts to fail on gas dryers.

How to Replace Valve Coils