Ventless dryers are perfect for individuals who are living in urban apartments, RVs, or tiny homes. These dryers are small enough to fit in small corners or other small areas in the home.  Europeans have used them inside their tiny living space for many generations. These dryers are also good for homes where a landlord forbids vent holes in the home or for anyone who wants to avoid long wait times at a laundry facility.

A ventless dryer would also be a good choice for those who are interested in low-maintenance installation. These dryers are plugged into any outlet or a 240v outlet, with no other installation required. These products are very easy to understand, and the size is convenient for any tiny area.

We have performed research and have analyzed the important details for each product. Read further to find out which dryer would be the best fit for you and your home. Below you’ll find our choice of the best 6 dryers, and we’ve also included the pros and cons and all details for each product. Continue reading to find the best ventless dryer you should purchase for your small living area.

Product FAQ

​1. What Is a Ventless Dryer?

​2. What Does a Ventless Dryer Do?

​3. How Do Ventless Dryers Work?

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​5. What Is the Standard Size?

​How We Reviewed

Ventless Dryer

Image by Ptschinz from Pixabay

The following products were reviewed based on the following parameters: features, pros and cons, price, where to buy, and warranty. We’ve also considered more details including the values of each product, drying time for laundry and large loads, and how easy it is to use.

Each model is close to or at the standard width which is around 24 inches wide; however, there are many products that are close to 28 inches wide. Some have more watts than others and this does give an idea of how long it would take to dry a single load.

Some products have a warranty, and others do not. You can choose between a 3- or 4-year protection plan for some models and other models have a 2- or 3-year option. Purchasing a protection plan will protect you for any repairs or reimbursements in case anything happens to break or fail. The protection plans don't include a deductible and have an easy cancellation process if you wish.

Several brands were used in this study.  Although each product appears to have the same goal and manages similar duties, there are a couple of products that seem to be quicker at drying large loads and are easier to understand.

​Overall Price Range of Ventless Dryers

The higher priced ones are the larger models that have more features such as unique cycle settings, reversible doors, LED digital display, stainless steel interior, and more.  Most dryers that contain a heat pump will be more expensive. Heat pumps ventless dryers use less energy. These dryers are good for saving electricity but they do cost more upfront.

The lower price models are standard models that don’t have many nice features; however, there is a difference in the time it takes to dry a load when comparing by prices. You can find a good model that is equipped for quicker drying, is stainless steel so that it never rusts, and that has many cycles.  These are the main features to view before choosing a product.

​What We Reviewed

  • ​LG DLEC888W
  • ​Bosch 500 Series Compact Ventless Electric Dryer
  • ​Blomberg DHP24412W
  • ​Ivation Compact Portable Ventless Electric Dryer
  • ​Bosch 800 Series Compact Ventless Electric Dryer


Key features include the product is less expensive and has more space than most models. It also dries a load of laundry completely in one cycle. It has a total of 13 cycles. It offers a choice of a tank or drain hose for water drainage and empties like a humidifier.  


  • ​Dries thoroughly
  • ​Less expensive
  • ​Stainless steel


  • ​Drying estimated time 1.5 hours in one cycle
  • ​Low power voltage: 240v
  • ​Warranty

You can choose between a 3- or 4-year protection plan. The plan provides protection for repairs, replacement, and payment for up to the total cost of the product. There is no deductible, and if you wish to cancel, you must do so within the first 30 days to receive a full refund.


​This electric dryer is one of the quietest models of dyers out there. It has a reversible door swing and is 23 1/2 inches wide. It has a total of 15 cycles.


  • ​Stainless steel structured drum
  • ​Reversible door
  • ​Energy star qualified


  • ​Low power voltage: 240v
  • ​Slower drying compared to regular dryers
  • ​No steam cycle
  • ​Warranty

​You can choose between a 3- or 4-year protection plan. The plan provides protection for mechanical and electrical breakdowns. There is no deductible, and if the product can’t be repaired, then a full reimbursement will be granted.


​This dryer is really easy to install. It has a child lock and also has a child sanitize cycle for baby clothes and for individuals who have allergies. It has 44% of energy savings compared to vented products. It is 23 3/8 inches wide. This product has 11 cycles.


  • ​Easy installation           
  • ​Child lock
  • ​Sanitize cycle
  • ​Led display
  • ​Heat pump


  • ​Higher pricing
  • ​No warranty
  • ​Only compatible with Blomberg Washer model WM98400SX
  • ​Warranty

​No warranty information is included with this product. You may contact the seller for additional information.

Ivation 3.21 cu.ft Small Compact Portable Ventless Electric Dryer for...
  • CONVENIENT PORTABLE DRYER – 57.8-Pound Weight Makes Moving The Dryer Easy, While 23.4 x 18.9 x 26.4 Dimensions Offer...
  • RAPID DRYING POWER – 1,500W of Drying Power & 7 Different Clothing/Load Type Settings Deliver Faster Drying Times Than...
  • HIGH QUALITY, LOW NOISE – Premium Stainless Steel Tub, Low 58-Decibel Noise Level, Durable Controls & Solid Outer...


​This dyer is ranked #1 on the best ventless dryer list out of 112 others. It is compact and portable and easily able to fit inside small areas.  It is 23.4 inches wide and holds up to 12.12 lbs of clothing.


  • ​Can easily relocate dryer         
  • ​Plugs into any outlet
  • ​Delivers 1,500 watts of drying power


  • ​Not good for larger loads
  • ​Warranty

​You can choose between a 2- or 3-year protection plan. It covers parts and labor coverage for mechanical and electric failures after the product’s warranty has ended.

Bosch WTG86402UC800 4.0 Cu. Ft. White Stackable Electric Dryer -...
  • Bosch 24"" Compact Condensation Dryer 800 Series - White/chrome
  • WTG86402UC


This dryer is known to gently dry clothes thoroughly. It regulates noise levels and reduces vibrations by 30%. This product is 23 1/2 inches wide and has 15 cycles.


  • ​Gently dries clothes completely
  • ​Reduces noise and vibration levels
  • ​Interior LED light


  • ​Not good for larger loads
  • ​Slow drying time compared to regular dryers
  • ​Warranty

​You can choose between a 2- or 3-year protection plan. It covers mechanical and electrical breakdowns and there are no deductibles.

GE GFT14ESSLWW 4.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Stackable Electric Dryer
  • 4.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Drum
  • 13 Dry Cycles | 4 Heat Selections
  • Ventless Condenser Dryer


​This dryer includes a drying rack that can hold items inside the dryer. It provides both a tank and a drain hose for water drainage. It has 13 cycles and 4 heat cycles. The width is 28.1 inches wide.


  • ​Dries clothes thoroughly in one cycle 
  • ​HE sensor dry
  • ​Has a drying rack


  • ​Doesn’t have many heat cycles
  • ​May not contain a drain
  • ​May have to manual drain the water
  • ​Warranty

​No warranty information included. You may contact the seller for additional information.

Comparison Table

​Ventless Dryers

Ventless dryers come in handy when you're not allowed to put holes in the walls of your home. While most standard apartments have washer and dryer connections, there are many smaller apartments that don't have this available. This is when ventless dryers come in handy.

Ventless dryers are easy to install and are small enough to move to different locations inside your home. It is an alternative that saves you from searching for quarters to put in the slot machines at the laundromat. These dryers are basically hot air balloons. They pull room temperature air in, heat it, and then blow the exhaust that is full of evaporated moisture outside. It is a unique cycle that wastes energy in unexpected ways but is beneficial inside a small home.

​The Verdict

Ventless dryers come in handy for individuals who have a small living space. All products work the same and take a little longer to dry laundry compared to a regular vented dryer. The difference between the lower prices and higher prices models is the higher priced models are newer and updated with cool features.

If we consider price and quality, the top ventless dryers would be the LG Condenser dryer (DLEC888W) and the GE model (GFT14ESSLWW). Both dryers are affordable and dry laundry thoroughly in one cycle. The Blomberg model is also a great choice as it uses a heat pump for drying, but this product is more expensive than many others.

 The LG Condenser is highly favored for having the shortest amount of time to completely dry a load compared to the others. It is also spacious, giving you a drum size of 4.2 cubic feet and is still the compact width size at 24 inches wide. This product can dry a comforter set completely in just one cycle.

The GE model comes with a drying rack that fits inside the dryer. Anything ranging from stuffed animals to boots can fit on the rack. The GE is equipped with a drain hose and a tank, and you can choose the source of the water drainage. This model also dries comforter sets and towels quicker than most models.

The Blomberg model is also great because it has a child lock and a sanitizing cycle. It is more expensive than other dyers but is worth purchasing after going through the list of additional features. It dries using a heat pump which is the best choice for ventless dryers. Heat pump models use less energy and are more gentle on the clothes, but drying with a heat pump takes longer than average.

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