Warning: Use extreme caution when repairing your dryer.  Be sure to unplug your appliance from the wall outlet before attempting any repairs.  Also the part numbers listed in this post may or may not be the part number for your appliance.  It is always best to search by model number for parts.  For your convenience, there are several forms on this page to search for parts.  They look like the one below.  Simply type in your model number and click search. 

The goal of this post is help you troubleshoot and fix your non-heating Whirlpool Duet dryer.  A great resource to help you troubleshoot your Duet dryer can be found right inside the dryer itself.  You will need to remove the kick panel.  If the service manual hasn’t been removed, you will find one taped on the inside of the kick panel.  The service manual will show you how to put your dryer into service mode allowing you to check for error codes.  You can then follow the instructions from each error code to help you determine what’s wrong with your dryer.

Pic of how to remove kick panel and pic of service manual.


If you can’t locate the service manual, you can enter your email in the box in the right hand corner to download a service manual for the Whirlpool Duet Dryer, or just follow the instructions below.

Whirlpool Duet Dryer Diagnostic Mode

To place your Duet dryer in service mode, be sure that your dryer is plugged in, but the power button is off.  Select any button except for the pause/cancel button or the Control Lock/Unlock button, follow the steps below pushing the same button:

  • Press & hold 2 seconds
  • Release for 2 seconds
  • Press & hold 2 seconds
  • Release for 2 seconds
  • Press & hold 2 seconds

If the dryer is entered into diagnostic mode correctly, 8:88 will be displayed for 5 seconds.  If there are any active fault codes, the most recent fault code will be displayed shortly after.  To see subsequent fault codes, press and release the same button that you used to enter into diagnostic mode.  Keep pressing and releasing the same button until you cycle through all the stored fault codes.  Take note of which fault codes that are stored.

For a non-heating Duet dryer, pay attention to F-20, L-2, F-30, and F-31 errors.  The F-20 error displays when your heating element (heater) has no voltage detected.  The F-30 error means you have restricted air flow, likely lint built up inside the dryer or in the venting leading from your dryer to the outside of your home.  The L-2 and the F-31 errors all relate to low voltage errors.  I will be posting a more complete fault code chart at a later date.

Most Common Causes of Whirlpool Duet Dryer Not Heating

If your dryer is not heating, it is usually due to part failure, but the part failure itself can sometimes be preventable.  The most common causes for a Whirlpool Duet dryer not heating are:

  • Lint build up inside the machine or dryer venting – to prevent lint build up be sure to clean the lint out of your dryer at least once every two years and clean out your venting at least once a year.
  • Power surge – having your washer and dryer plugged into a surge protector can help prevent damaged parts due to a power surge.
  • Normal part failure – normal part failure can’t be prevented.

It is very important to keep your dryer and venting clear of lint buildup.  If your part failure was caused due to lint build up, the part will likely fail again until the lint is properly cleaned out.  You can read more about cleaning out your dryer in my how to clean out a dryer post and how to clean out a dryer vent here.

Whirlpool Duet Electric Dryer Not Heating Causes

There are several parts that commonly fail on the Whirlpool Duet electric dryer that could cause it not to heat. they are the following:

  • heating element
  • thermal fuse
  • thermal cut out/cut off
  • main control board (least common)

Dude, Where’s My Part?

Have no clue what the heating element, thermal fuse, or thermal cut off is?  No worries, there’s a diagram below:

duet electric dryer

Thermal fuse failure on most electric dryers will cause the dryer not to spin or heat and in some cases not start at all.  The thermistor sends a signal to the control board regulating the temperature of the dryer. The heating element is what actually heats the dryer.  It can fail due to a power surge or normal wear and tear.  The thermal cut off fails when the dryer gets too hot.  If the thermal cut-off goes out, you will need to replace the thrmst-fix also.  it’s best just to purchase the thermal cut-off kit which includes both parts.

How to Troubleshoot Whirlpool Duet Electric Dryer

If your Whripool electric dryer is not heating, you first need to check if the proper amount of voltage is getting to your machine.  Here’s a good video to show you how to check for voltage:

Secondly, you will want to test the following parts:

Find Your Part Number

How to Disassemble Whirlpool Duet Dryer

How to Test Heating Element

How to Test Thermal Fuse

How to Test Thermal Cut-off

Whirlpool Duet Gas Dryer Not Heating Causes

The most common parts that fail on a Duet gas dryer are the following:

  • Valve coils
  • Thermal fuse
  • High limit thermostat
  • Outlet thermistor
  • Thermal cutoff
  • Main control board

The following parts/items could also fail:

  • Wiring harness
  • Heater relay
  • Gas burner assembly
  • Centrifugal switch
  • Gas supply (Is gas not reaching your machine?)