Dryers are an essential part of the household, but you can’t expect it to do everything for you.

Dryers are complicated machines, and while they should normally run smoothly, occasionally, something in their systems will go wrong.

That’s why you need to understand how the dryer and all of its individual parts work so you know how to fix problems when they occur.

One of the many vital components in a dryer is the drive motor.

It behooves you to recognize the importance of this device and be prepared to install, maintain, and repair it accordingly.

Although the drive motor can be complex to understand and needs to be properly applied to the dryer for a machine to work, a few key tips here will help put you on the right track to using your drive motor and dryer.

How the Drive Motor Works

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The exact mechanics of a drive motor sometimes vary depending on the manufacturer, but overall they work in similar ways.

The drive motor, as explained by PartSelect, serves to turn the blower and the dryer drum within your machine. The blower and dryer drum each have key roles in the dryer. The blower ensures proper circulation while the drum induces the tumble rotation cycle within the dryer.

Both the blower and the drum’s functions depend on the drive motor to run correctly.

Without the drive motor, the dryer might fail to tumble or even start up.  Therefore, the drive motor is instrumental in getting the key systems of the dryer to work. It needs to be properly maintained and hooked up with the other systems within the dryer.

Wiring a Drive Motor Switch

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Due to both its critical role in multiple functions for the dryer and the safety risks, it is essential that the drive motor and its switches are hooked up right with the overall wiring within your dryer.

Plus, the typical procedure for checking for a defecting motor is a line voltage test. You should have the wires in the right place ahead of time or there could potentially be trouble.

According to Ask-the-Electrician.com, there are several key factors you should take into consideration when handling the wiring.

First, remember that you need to stay within the guidelines of local and national electric codes. If you do not know the codes, look them up to be safe.

Most of all, find out how everything should line up. To get help with that, you should be able to find a wiring diagram on the dryer.

Repairing the Drive Motor

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It’s important to keep your drive motor working, so stay alert for when you may need to repair the motor.

If you notice warning signs such as a humming noise or a failure to start, you may wish to do a line voltage test.

But keep in mind that such tests should be handled by professionals for safety reasons. With the test, you can better determine if your drive motor is the real source of the trouble.

Should you conclude that your drive motor is the primary issue, you could remove and replace it, but it might be a good idea first to consider making repairs to the device or to its individual components.

It’s also important to check if the problem stems from the drive motor not being wired correctly. If so, you could just adjust the drive motor’s position.

Regardless, it’s a good idea to leave things to a professional.

Replacing a Defective Motor

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Sometimes, repairs alone are not enough, and you will need to replace your drive motor. Before doing anything, make sure that your dryer is off and unplugged.

Next, you will likely need to remove other parts of the dryer such as the blower and dryer drum before you can access the drive motor. Carefully unlock any locking tabs and wiring and then remove the drive motor from the machine.

When adding the new drive motor in, Sears PartsDirect advises checking that the locator tab is on the front mounting bracket and that the locking tab engages the wire harness. Once the drive motor itself is in place, you can add the other parts you removed back into the dryer.

As you are reinserting the pieces, take the time to make sure you properly install them as well, or you might end up with new trouble

Know How Your Drive Motor and Dryer Work

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There is still more you can learn about drive motors, but it’s also important to understand how it works in combination with other components within your dryer.

By expanding your knowledge on how the separate pieces of the machine work together in your dryer, you can keep your dryer in better condition. That way, you can safely and easily do your laundry without worrying about something going wrong.

Drive motors are not the only thing we know about dryers at Dryernotheating.net. We have all sorts of tips, how-to’s, and repair hacks that will help you fix your dryer no matter what the problem is. Check out our website to find out even more about us and dryers.